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Residential Roof Installation Aurora, CO

by Eagle Eye Renovations | May 4, 2024

Residential Insurance Roof Replacement for Hail Damage Repair

Type of Project: Residential Home in Aurora Colorado

Location of Project: 4837 S Elk Way Aurora, CO 80016

Time Frame for Project Completion:  One Day for roof, one for gutters, and one for paint, 3 total days

Products Used:  Owens Corning Duration Storm Shingles in Stormcloud, Owens Corning Impact Hip and Ridge, Tri-Built for synthetic underlayment, vents, nails, and accessories

Table of Contents

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Scope of the Project

This project was a call about hail damage from a letter we sent out. Once the inspection was completed, we were able to get insurance to pay for a new roof, gutters, shutters, and some paint around the house. 

We completed everything the homeowners wanted, including the roof, gutters, shutters, and paint on the pergola. 


Besides insurance end work was very straight forward.

unnamed (1).jpg

Project Challenge

Insurance was the biggest hurdle on this job; we even had the homeowner send an estimate from their previous roof to get insurance to pay for code items that Aurora requires (ice and water in the eaves and valleys, etc.). After lots of back-and-forth, we agreed to an insurance plan that benefited the homeowner. Permitting and code requirements are different in Aurora, but we do a decent amount of work there, so they are easily overcome.

Actions Taken

It always starts with our inspection to verify damage to the property. 

Our team discovered 3 layers of felt. We removed all the old felt and installed a new synthetic felt.

Once agreements started to happen, we started the work. The roof was first and a straightforward job; we just needed photos of items that we needed to supplement the insurance.

We moved on to the gutters and then painted, which included purchasing, painting, and installing new shutters for the homeowner. The inspection went smoothly, and the process.

unnamed (2).jpg
unnamed (3).jpg

Final Results

Our project increased home value with a new roof, gutters, and some updated paint. We also helped the homeowner get what was owed to them through negotiation with insurance.

Client Review About Project

Our experience with this company for our Aurora home repair was outstanding. They handled tough insurance negotiations after severe hail damage and maintained excellent communication throughout. The work was done quickly, and the crew was professional and tidy. I highly recommend Eagle Eye. Thanks to Blake, Stephen, and the team!


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