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Living in Colorado you’re no stranger to the temperamental front range weather.  Hail damage is something you’ve likely experienced first hand. Even if you’re not aware of any obvious issues following a hail storm, your roof might still have sustained significant damage. When large hail hits your roof, the granules on the shingles can shake loose and fall off, collecting in your gutter downspouts and causing water to back up. You may also lose shingles altogether following a violent storm. 

If you’ve been hit with a storm and are concerned about hail damage, you want to be sure you choose roofing professionals with the skills and expertise required to restore your roof and get you compensated for the entire exterior of your property.

When homeowners in Colorado need repairs to their exterior property from hail damage, they turn to the experienced professionals at Eagle Eye Renovations. With a comprehensive approach to storm restoration, we offer exceptional service from start to finish to make restoring your property an easy and hassle-free experience.

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