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Parker Roofing Case Study

Jan 30, 2024

Introduction: Mary Ann Good Reroof in Parker

Type of Project: Hail Damage, Insurance Replacement

Location of Project: 10075 Boca Cir Parker, CO 80134

Time Frame for Project Completion: 2 days

Products Used: Owens Corning Duration Stom Shingles in Driftwood (108 bundles), Impact hip and ridge same color and manufacturer. Rhinoroof synthetic underlayment, Tri-Built vents (box, pipe jack flashing, bathroom vents) and sealant. Owens Corning Starter.

Description of the Project

This project was a hail damage insurance claim for a local Parker residence, where we did her main house and her rental property as well. We started with the main residence, completing the roof in just a day and a half. We only had one issue while doing the roof with the decking which we were able to address and fix right away for the customer.

Scope of the Project

For any of our roofs we always have to organize the estimates withe the insurance companies. As we only charge and do the scope of work that the companies approve. That is where we start, going back and forth with the adjuster until an agreement is met. Then we move onto material orders which this summer was a bit different due to shortages across the country. Once material is sorted, we pull a permit through the proper jurisdiction using their online portal. Each roof has to have the appropriate permit in order to move forward. Once project is started, we are on site as frequently as possible to ensure we have the proper documentation for the insurance and the homeowner as some items are paid when incurred. We make sure every single aspect of the roof is done to the proper code lines for the jurisdiction we are in along with conforming to the IBC. The only surprise with this job was discovering due to an improperly routed gutter and bad sealant that she had semimajor water damage on one of her decking boards. This was addressed quickly with a call to the homeowner to approve the extra cost of a new board, and picking new OSB up that the crew cut to size to patch the area up.


Challenges & Results

The client needed us as the third-party consultant when it came to dealing with the insurance. It is always nice to have someone in your corner when you are going against any corporation. We are usually able to get our clients more out of their claim than if they tried to do everything themselves. Plus, we provide our crews which always do fantastic work.

With a new roof installed the homeowner does not have to worry about leaks happening due to a decrepit roof. They are ready and protected for the next few hail seasons and winter. This project finished up well, we were able to get the hole patched in the decking and pass the Douglas county's inspection. MaryAnn Good will have a high-quality roof for years to come.



Just want to say a big THANK YOU for my Boca Circle roof and my Ledge Rock Dr roof. It was great working with you and the company. Appreciated the friendly customer service that kept me in the loop to know how it was all progressing.

Also really appreciate you helping me out by giving me Skylar at Northwind Heating and Air contact info. He was able to take care of the issues when several others declined. Really a nice person as well as his wife Kim. Will be using them again.

Have a great rest of the year,


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